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Harm Reduction & HIV prevention:
-Effects of Drugs:
-the type of feeling/sensation depends on:
-type of drug used
-mode of administration
-speed of absorbtion
-distribution and metabolism
-quality and duration of high
-now majority are prescribed drugs
-Substance use, abuse, and addiction
-social norms have great influence in the use of drugs (if something is illegal or socially
discouraged, it tends to be done at greater lengths
-every region has a different definition of each substance
-Abuse = maladaptive use
-Harms – Family & society
-drug trade leads to deterioration of community
-Social responses
-some respond to prevention strategies, but most people do not change their behaviours
-treatment only helps some people recover
-enforcement (police) doesnt stop the behaviour (as we see with many crime rates)
-harm reduction is most effective*
-What is harm reduction?
-it recognizes that abstinence does not work that well and allows for change in people's
behaviours and prevents health related harms from occurring