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Robb Travers

SOC309 Lecture 6 June 9, 2011 Stigma & HIV Objectives: - to understand stigma as a sociological construct - understand how stigma is used to control people - explore debilitating impact of stigmas on HIV patients - personal biography illnesses change our expectations about your personal biography (how you thought your life would unfold) - 1996 was referred to as the proteus moment; prior to this moment people prepared to die, after they understood they could live longer Goffman theory of Stigma - Goffman used a symbolic interactionist perspective to understand stigma - for him it is an attribute that is discrediting with a particular interaction - focus on publics attitude towards a person who possesess an attribute that falls short of societal expectations - he notes 3 categories of stigma: o abnormalities of the body (ex. the Vietnamese kid who came to sick kids for operation on his facial growth) o blemishes of individual character (ex. will weak, unnatural passions; these are inferred from mental disorder, homosexuality) important to note that Goffman was writing in the 1960s, so many of these behaviours no longer viewed as blemishes, as many people have come public with their problems o tribal stigma of race, nation and religion (beliefs are transmitted thru lineages and equally contaminate all members; ex. people who reveal their religion may be criticized) - disease that are associated with these stigmas: o victims are seen as responsible o disease is incurable o disease is not understood well o the symptoms cant be concealed Link and Phelans theory of stigma - stigma occurs when there is convergence of interrelated components, such as labeling, stereotyping, separation and discrimination Manns Theory of Stigma - stigma characterized by three epidemics: 1
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