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Robb Travers

SOC309 February 1, 2013 Committee for accessible aids treatment – issues facing immigrants and refugees – non status Issues facing these groups are very complex sometimes aren’t answers for due to complexity of the refugee system Innovative strageties in Toronto gta that are used to address some of these challaneges Presentation outline - Address changes to immigration and refugee policy and access to health care and support Committee - Now over 50 - How community health services and immigrants living with hiv - Part of their memebriship and partners Why important - Reasons why in jananury 2002 10 years ago citizienship mandarotry hiv screening - Cic mandatory for app 15 years or over - Under 15 and with hiv positive parentsthrough immigration medical examination - 574 positive – not big compared those who underwent application - 80 percent of 574 allowed into Canada - Represent 460 or 19percent of all new hiv infections in Canada - 547 app 59.4 born in Africa mide - Research shown African carribean or black communities got infected while in Canada Immigration flow chart - Different routes come into Canada - People immigrate for various reasons - Want better life for themselves – cic called economic class migrants – immigrate to Canada bc coming in as refugees or need of protection – safety is at risk - And those who come to Canada as students - Some join family – family class – as student like Canada and become permenant and bring in family or spouse or parent – they come in as family class - Refugee claim – can do it at port of entry or - Application in Canada apply for refugee something change not come back there – claim at airport - Or at us cross over claim refugee - Some from refugee camp – Africa from Kenya or Syria – war torn countries civil unrest were displaced sometimes sponseored by gov or other organizations sponser them into Canada - They can be classified those in need of protection – face risk is stay ro go back to country – persecutction - Risk can be domestic violence, membership in certain group lgbt ugnada perscutut gays - Main idea move into permant residence in Canada or citizine in future - Parents immigrated there can spnser family class – workers, students move to perm residence or temporary reseident Spectrum - No status or undocumentated – came to Canada with a status visa expired and lost status they were in - They had kind of status before that ran out or lost it for various reasons - Visitor visea tourist visa - Temp workers or students - Work permit or visa - And perm and citiznenship - Important pieve presentation - What indi in differ status qualifies for services and rights as Canadians and respnisbilities - Perman need to 3 years – 1030 days before qualify as citizen Grounds for refusal - People livin g with hiv - Most immigrant come to canda settlie in Ontario – 70 percent settle in Toronto - Most immigrant come to Canada settle in Toronto most diverse city in Canada – all vary diverse - Hiv and immigration – 460 newcomers hiv positive majority settle in Toronto - Other advantages in Toronto is diverse in sexual orientation – most diverse to all minorities - All marginalized more comfortable living in Toronto - Second slide 80 percent tested positive in cic medical accepted 20 percent not accepted and why - Grounds - Some effect wider population not just people with hiv other non hiv refused immigration status in Canada - Austrialian bodyguard of gaddifies son was refused – why?ass with gadifi and part of people to smuggle gaddifi son in mexico - Why refused - Professor university in quebec from Rwanda – been here for 20 years bc part of people incited genocide in rwanada - One grounds – danger to public health - Highly contagious disease – tb is number one, syphilis, hiv is not on the list as highly contagious except evidence of irresponsible criminal behavior – having unprotected sex with many people then refused immigration status bc business of infect people with hiv - Other ground is excessive demand on candian health and social services – cost exceed average health cost of Canadian over 5 years - Sets aside 10 billion for health care and divide it by pop equals x – should be for every Canadian – is around 5500 less then 6000 a year – include doctor visits, emergency being admitted to hospital – expected more then 6000 dollars refused entry into Canada - Hiv medication one month 1 individual is approximately cheapest is 1000 dollars – just drugs - Depending on condition have treatment every 3 months doing good – - not so good twice a month and medication so healthcare 20,000 in a year - allowed to come into Canada if hiv positive and not spend more then 6000 – opening door and adding another - increase hospital visits then refused immigration status – main reasons grounds for refusal - Applying for immigration is Canada - Criminality – if committed crime outside of Canada – mostly is from united states – canda not keep track of criminal record that much, but if us they share police records whether declare or not they will find it and refused - Organized crimes mafia, guns etc name come up for supporting them or being friends is question mark - Misrepresentation – sometimes people confused, a lie somewhere, is the same, same information asked for same information in 20 different ways, - Apply for refugee ask you, at one time not put same thing it is question mark - Human rights violation – why guy from Rwanda got deported effected ghadiffi bodygueard – violated human rights in canda or other countries - Threats – known to be in good terms with terrorist or donated money to terr or perceived terrorist group, example tamil tigers even one dollar to group ass with tamil tigers - Building school in Africa and terrorist - Financial – people on welfare effect entrepreneurs and economic need to prove how much money have on those ground - Not support self not given status - Or not apply immigration laws Imiigation law changes - Oppressive changes - Past year - New about immigrants – immigrants are mostly are a burden to canda live on welfare subsizde housing and don’t work – all burden to Canada - How many think immigrants burden - How many second or first generation immigrants - Iimigrants more responsibility to Canadians – why cant go to vacation need to take of mother and father responsibilities are wide and welfare cheque 550 is not enough to support oneself - Reasons changing system - Health care reduced Left cant access anything in Canada, not go to school, no access to welfare – a lot of people in Canada no status access to nothing – under table jobs not taxable no record less then minimum wage bad working conditions and not protections Visitors – also don’t access anything not access health care, not access welfare or school Temporary workers – access to ohip get health card, and pay taxes Canada pension plan and not get pension bc work 6 months work in farm for summer from Africa, phhiipines, carribean, Students – no access to ohip get some medical insurance through school cover some drugs just small percentage Perm – cannot vote, get all other things, and can be taken back still deported. Kids come age of 3 growing up to teen never applied citizenship and did drugs deported to countries not remember. Qualify a lot of things but still lose permanent residency – crime lose perm status Citizens – get everything in Canada Condo workers in Toronto 40k half undocumented people *All aplicatns for permanent residence must disclose serious health conditions and another *below it Rwanda – video evidence of him inciting crowds to commit murder – during genocide he went to French speaking countries – he came to Canada and Rwanda refugees came to Canada and saw him and by time got citiz
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