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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309 February 15, 2013 Where see highest growth in incidence in next 5 to 10 years? - Mali Africa - Democratic rep of congo - South Africa - Pakistan - Egypt - Syria - turkey - Aboriginal pop in Canada - Gypsies everywhere All countries in civil war, and all pop ab people and afri Americans in us and gypsies and profoundly under siege in own countries. Rwanada in civil war had profound increase in hiv. Greater upheaval more possibility for greater hiv incidence. More trouble more hiv and other things like violence against women and intersect with hiv and epidemic of coinfection of violence and hiv Who wields power - Disease is disease of power - Becomes health problem - Problem of socioeconomics - People get cancer diabetes arthritis and all unfortunate disease - Other then hiv are genetic in nature or based on things that happen trrhoughout our lives - Hiv is infectious disease and is passed on from transmitted from one person to another - If women soci determinant of health more likely to get hiv then men - Why all true - All about power - And related to money – symbol for power in this world - Where power resides the virus receeds - In canda not a lot of hiv in upper middle class families not see a lot of popel with hiv - Whereas in poorer pop prison pop drugies see stats much higher - Where not power the virus thrives - Civil war utl not having power kill bc not have power rape abuse you anyway can virus thrives - Tend to see power is adults vs children or young people - Men vs women - And white people - In north Americans - And straight people vs gay people and transgender - Problem bc of gender The impact of power - Catastrophic effects of power - Worldwide as relate to women and girls death relief to lives - India and Pakistan – India rapes on buses – separating women on transportation - Huge riots and demonstrations – where hiv thrives in these types of cettign women seen not as people but as cattle - African man in African man asked if women own property – not know why property want to own property – see them as slaves servants and do bidding as men – as property – as propert not have humanity to other human beings - Robbed of childhood - Women particularly not go to school girls stay home and help mothers raped by fathers uncles cousins and brothers abused terribly - And splashed with acid if mother in law not like them or husbands not bring enough dowry - Wives at age 14 - Girl 9 mexico gave birth of boy 17 - Women face social ostracism – epidemic against women of the world - Catastrophic effects of power - Forced intro sex trade - Trade in human beings trafficking of humans around world is huge problem - Child taken away beaten sold into slavery improsined and disowened - Pop in American and Canada – pop that have no power - Women not receive education or decent paying jobs or law that allow property or inerticance rights or reprodutiver rights and child after child ruins health - Rwanda – education theorticaally free in public school system gov people on ground have to pay uniforms schoo sulplies and have to pay teacher for grades – girls who are lowes on list to get education - Theoretically women in Rwanda right to inherit property minute man dies all family run in kick wife out and take over house - Woment went to court they appealed and went to highest court and family wouldn’t leave not care what law said and cops not willing to enforce it - In African countries women come together as team and women n particular village go into house with wife until after dies and stay together so family not come take in lawful rights there - Women band together to protect property rights - Surface oneand what really happens is really different that’s why lot of aid programs boogish - Parachute people into north from south and bring own principal theories and practives and leave again – nothing to do with day to day living – useless excericise – best way to help women in these countries go talk what they need for power - Give money to educate children – not be back for that money again in next generaion - Rwanda and philipines to go to school – put through nursing school not back next generation – want knowldedg exhcnage and power tranferrred to those folks – empower is red flag cant empower andyone to do anything – listen to where they say barriers are to taking power and help remoive barriers only they take step to go to nursing school, you can help them fight for those rights in courts but people experiencing lack power and help them remove barriers for them to take power Some figures - 1 person dead tragdy 100 people dead is a statisitic - In the us hiv is leading casue of af women age 25 34 - They don’t get medicine they should or prevention opp they should th - Powerless bc women and second bc black and third poor and 4 no education or training to pull self out of those situations and 5 no power in realtion to men in community or general pop and dying no reason for coutry in us women dying in these numbers thirdworld or southern pop in northen pop - Profoundly in Hispanic comm. In the us - Canada - Women in ab pop in canda make up 48 percent of new infections in Canada - Know how to prevent hiv, know condoms, little understood not get hiv not one sexual contact very very inlikely – hiv is not easy to get. Not every single person get hiv – if add to that condoms reduce exsiting possibility of 1 in 1000 and condoms 80 perccent is .008 - Science shown recently person on arvt – virus kills 10 years not diagnosed – - Only 3 percent of pop people infected were women today 23 percent of new infections are women - Viral load – virus in body is low and can measure that they are very likely unifectious - No reason medically why women dying of hiv - Why are they - Bc power dynamic and parallel epidemic of violence that not prevent women to protect themselves More figures - Accodrin to cdc in candad - 9.9 percent of aids Canada were women so tripled - New infections gone up 3 percent to 23 percent in 2011 - New infections people going to get aids in ten years if not treatred - Tells where epidemic has been not where it is going - Wherever problems greater violence against women greater violence of hiv - Wherever trouble in world and trouble treatment we have perputated on aboriginal idle no more and occupy – people in poverty - Infected where epidemic has been - Fine for treatments not a lot for prevention Adult males - Proppnderance men infected are msm still true where saw first cases in early 80s and predominate mode of transmission - Followed by other not tell very much - More heterosexual area then used to be bc virus moved to genral pop much more - And iv drug use is huge area – people not have power Adult females - Main cause in infections in women is heterosexual – also include men who are iv users could be pimp or husband - Not in power position with iv partner – forced due to power dynamic in relationship - Why women get in situation cant negotiate safer sex - And cant negotiate treatments other – often hiding hiv status - Crimal law and why outrageous for women - Cant negotiate safer sex treatment for partner – partner see them and more violence - Vicious cycle in prevention and treatment area - Look at list of social determints of health got edu treaining emplotments and gentetics and social support and networks and race impact and another thing is gender - Women inhheritantly partly genetics and partly socialization perceive themselves in relationship as person keep relationship going - End of day nothing fixed marriage and found out diagnosed with hiv and in profound depression - Believe gender in and of itself - Take out all other social determinists of health women put everyone else first - See with women heterosexual sex much more then any cuases cause of hiv We are not powerless - Not taken power - Not vessels of hiv or vectors of disease - Initiative started by managed by and completed by women - One is women coming together Power in action - In Uganda - In 1991 women in Africa stood up – moon quote - So simple so profund – that started whole movement led to microbocide research - Protection person can use not infected with hiv form of gel or cream – vaginal ring - Ways to deliver medicine - Started with one quest
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