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Robb Travers

SOC309 January 18, 2013 Man shackled with paper bag over his head, reason is bc he has aids and disease that will kill you, why bc he is going to spit on them and give him aids if he spits on them. Thought it was airborne now much more information on aids. Inst time warp period of time no idea running with misinformation. Window into pasan. Understandings and experience people who have aids and in jail Prisoner’s hiv/aids support action network - Person with hiv in jail and out of jail - Provincial organization - Prisoner rights org - Formed in 1991 - Formed as grassroots resposnse crisis in prison system at that time limited treatment options - Found frontline workers losing clients and disappear and for 6 months or a couple a years and health deteriorated asked picked up and been in jail not come back bc embarrassed being in jail - Nothing for hiv prisoners in and out - What healthcare they were recieveing were they being segregated they didn’t really know - Subcommittee grass roots aids action now grown tremendously - Breaks down to 4 - One of things is to run harm reduction education – support hiv and hep c. - Also do people registered clients - 670 people registered fit 2 criteria hiv positive currently incar or have been - Office in Toronto across Ontario - Counseling advocacy and stabilize people in jails - Hiv related discrimination - Form partnerships with coreection working with healthcare branches - Health care policy creates barriers or discriminates - Get out into community when possible to training with people out of system - 20 year as a founded organization primary funder is aids health care - And pharmecutical not funded by corrections - Remain autonomous from corrections - Reason is to build trust with population and paid by people locking up Ontaio provincial jail system - Comprised of many instituis - Dention center, dententional complex and other e - Go to provincial then federal - If no community support not make bail detained in prvicnial inst - And if sentecen under two years do provinicla over go to penitiary system - Lesser crimes theft under small possession. Much stricter then federal - There is no difference in security level less access to programs comm. Support access to health care - Penitary time and prviniial prefer penititary Federal - More then two years is variance in security - Want to be in lower more freedoms - Wear own clothes and health care easier to access - People vary incarcaertion is not general expereicne Elvated rates of hiv - Two areas prisoner rights and work in hiv and aids - Same things people vulnerable to incarceration more vuln to hiv infection - Disproportionate prov is 2 percent stats no one is really counting 5 years ago - 4 percent men and women 7 in federal - Women inst diseases rates are higher in womens - Numbers low bc people who we know are positive - Hep c crisis in prison pop - 2 and 5 in fed and 1 in 5 in prov - 1 in 100 in community - Not just within prison but this pop - Demographics and then in community street involved heavy drug users and prevelance rates exact same - Not all of these people contracted in prison - People might contract in prison hep c tattoo and piercing tattoo in all prisons in world tattoo is not legal people share and can be contaminated and one way they get hep c - Injecting drugs and sharing equipment – shooting up inside going to be sharing - Hiv – one is sharing equipment the other is unprotected anal sex other risk factors they are main areas all activites are criminalized illegal inside - Hep c rates higher among women than men - Been hiv hep c positive not slow done enough until prison and get testing done Mate - In the realm of the hungry ghost Pop overview - Prison systems how they look essentialize them in incarceration experience - Need to look at person as person what have been series of events brought them to that - Not accidentlty pop inside is very diverse - Peopoe inst from young age survivors of residential school system foster care system and grad to adult system some form of custody told what to do and when all of these hyper regulated normalized to inst run - Legacy to incarceration people doing time nothing new bc sister in out of jail or grew up visiting dad - Risk factor one of those things run in family for numerous reasons - Prevalcne mental health issues - Corrections very narroe having diagnosis 30 percent of population - People have health issues conflict with law and end up in jail and what happens to mental health if not being tended to inside - Mental issue and in jail if health issue intersect with criminality then end up back inside - Longer work with pop majority people are working class backgrounds come out often homeless - Correlation low income and vulnerable to incarcerations - Do things home no ones business at home not legal out side not home to do those things in - Edu opp precvious to incarceration on corrections Canada site - 1 in 5 less then grade 8 edu - Indicator vulkberailty to get arrested have education opp to jobs go down and do things that are illegal - Csc – substance abuse system warrant treatment – lots of drugs in prisons - Grew up in unstable homes a lot of abuse incest survivors common experience never worked closely who did not ecpereicne child hood abuse - Early experiences how do life later Ab people - Distinct expreicne from ab communities dispp represented inside - First nations 3 to 4 percent of Canada and high amount of prisons - In Ontario other racialized xommunities black African carribean comm. In Ontario large spike one in 5 people in Ontario coming from African black carribean comm. Looking at things in commm Women - Look at number of women incarcerated are much less 5 fed and 10 of provinvial - They are fastest increasing prison pop womens pop has spiked pop tripled in recent years - Vuln is young women of color getting arrested - 2 thrids of women primary care givers to their chidleren what means if get arrested - Women doing life sentences can be charged by associations boyfriend stashing cocaine not know and she busted and doing life sentence and may have not touch it - Brutalized by partner and fights back she gets harm or killed and life sentence Trans - Male to female populations - Housed according to genitals - Presents female and using female name and called he and birthname - Increased risk discrimnatred harrases and sexual violence - And whole bunch of experience - Dry cell trans women sex workers charged for solicitation and lesser charged let out early and bring in contraband bc easy to bring in remedy is do dry cell put into cell no sink or running water internally have to let it out done in provinvial Hep c - In and out 20 years last 9 years laura - Developmental delay one copping is regression to mentality of 9 year old 40 years old women - In for minor offensese now charged with first degree murder not understand what is happening - One thing know she left house when 11 - Rather be on streets much of case for laura found way - Do sex work young age and develop crack addiction - Pasan wants to protect her not smoke crack fair shot at life - Fell through cracks and as gets older compassion diluted get annoyed keep getting arrested sleeping in park being a nuisance and older want to incarcerate her – how things shift same 11 year old girl want to help and nothing gone on except get older and want to incarcerate her - Protectiveness for child not save them as adults punish them - Highlight hygience supply not share razors need to share nail clippers provincial have to not effectly 192 can use nail clippers sterilized against hep c scary in pop so high concentration of hep c Common problems - Not get blood work not getting results back who bunch of things - Over years everyday and learn which things can do something about - People complain things legit and about nature of system and others not getting rights - Lose liberty still have right – long term loss of employment diff in crossing. Say stay retain rights – prisons receive comparable or equal health care as in community rights entitled to upheld - Same things as outside what are things people can get outside and bring into prison - Who prisoners are from different sources if not effected get info from tv and those things rooted in truth and exaggerated and things around it one enviroenment not a lot of access to a whole different community in prison rules, lnagaue a lot of adjusting to - Sometimes not know pepopele who did time before done something wrong and need to be punished and some people say shouldn’t have rights not what ever happens happens have right to exist as human being already doing time not extra pusnishment - As deterent prisons need to be harsh not prevent people going to prison chisles away at people self esteem a lot of dehumanizing and constantly have to watch your back deprivation of health care and referring to you as piece of shit has long term impact people get out not punished 600 years everyone can apply to get out after 25 years people do short bits - No access to training and sucked into violent subculture and tramuatuzing effects on people - Stat release date toss out and survive and be good not make
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