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Robb Travers

SOC309Y1 Lecture 3: Moral Panic 1980’s- Aids in North America Initial Early Reactions: - aid epidemic in small town in America - people’s ignorance and a lot of fear- mixed with strong moral ideas/values - uncertainty in the medical/scientific community regarding the disease - government in 1980’s intended public spending cuts - disease rapidly increasing and money not pent on identifying the virus/people were panicking - Manitoba in 1984: first aids case with that type of behaviour Explore Early Reactions: - rise of the new right in the U.S. the moral majority: large sector that defines as fundamental Christian by backing Reagan - determined by what they wanted and appropriate behaviours - and debated of abortion and teen pregnancy and blacks in the U.S. - a lot of discussion couched as moral and intrenched in hatred - cultural phenomenon of blame attached to illness We all: - listen to what others say - think things are immoral - do not understand emotions at times When someone gets HIV: - ask are they gay - sexual promiscuity - drug user Why these intense reactions? - modern medicine not as miraculous Brandt: -Who sick and why -social theorists -feel things beyond physical illness -cancer random people feel stigmatized -smoker that ends up with lung cancer may blame self -colon cancer people may be embarrassed - Brandt says: underneath questions there are strong cultural values - illness and aids metaphors - she argues illness take on culture meaning signify weakness aids signify something of sexual behaviours - Brandt’s take on social and political ideologies - healthy is politically shaped - uncle has massive coronary we guess that he smoker or is overweight - Reflect current social ideologies: - “blame solely on poor health and good health assume they are doing the right
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