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Robb Travers

Thursday May 29 Todays reading IS ON the midterm key message Income inequality not poverty overall is turning out to be the most important determinant of healthTend to see poorer ppl in emergency roomsServices homeless use cost more than it would to house themPaying for inefficient things Other health outcomes spiral off that we pay for down the roadOttawa Charter 1986Canada plays a big role in understanding social determinants of healthOttawa Charter shifted thinking to broader forcesHealth PromotionPolitical instability etc create health problemsTook Americans 30 days to destroy infrastructure in BaghdadPrereqs for HealthPeaceShelterEducation best predictor of health of babyFoodIncomeStable ecosystemSustainable resourcesSocial justice and equity ppl get ill when treated unfairly Microaggressions build up over lifespan from being treated unfairly etc For example white person staring at you on subway think that they assume you are an immigrant etc Things like this make you sick accumulation over lifespanThe Holy Trinity of RisksAswithanyareaofmedicalorscientificresearchtheselectionoffactorstobestudiedcannotbeimmunefromprevailingsocialvaluesandideologiesIt is also evident that socalled lifestyle or behavioural factors such as the holy trinity of risks diet smoking and exercise receive a disproportionate amount of public health attention As we have seen the identification and confirmation of risk factors are often subject to controversy and the evidence about causal links is not clear Nettleton 1997Taken for granted wisdom about lifestyle determinants being bad for usDoesnt stack up to impact of povertyWhat are the social determinants of healthSocial determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that influence the health of individuals communities and jurisdictions as a wholeSDOH are about the quantity and quality of a variety of resources that a society makes available to its membersSocialdeterminantsofhealthalsodeterminetheextenttowhichapersonpossessesthephysicalsocialandpersonalresourcestoidentifyandachievepersonalaspirationssafetyneedsandcopewiththeenvironment
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