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HIV and religion

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Robb Travers

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The Potential of Organized Religion to Obstruct the Struggle against HIVAIDSMoral Condemnationassociations of HIVAIDS with homosexuality sexual promiscuity and injecting drug use has led to a number of harmful misconceptionsthe disease is Gods punishment on a world or an individual who has gone astraythe person has sinned and is deserving of the disease A key message that the religious bodies need to disseminate vigorously is that AIDS is a sickness and not a sinStigmatizationequating HIV positive individuals with immoral behaviour has contributed to the stigma that so often accompanies HIVAIDS status religious affiliations that blame the individual enhance the infected persons perception that others have adopted a stigmatizing attitude and this leads to selfstigma guilt and internalizationwhich causes the individuals health to deteriorate even rapidlyReligious bodies must adamantly reject every utterance pronouncement or practice that carries any connotation of stigma or discriminationAIDSsilence and denialHIVAIDS issues are not dealt with sufficiently often or in sufficient depth in sermons or religious gatheringsIssues that are a concern to the community such as orphan needs or the extent to child violence abuse of male power helping ad
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