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Robb Travers

SOC309Y1Lecture 2September 23 2011HIVAIDS 101The Basics Adinne Schwartz MA Toronto Public Health aschwartorontoca Sexual Health PromoterTalk Shop HIV testing teaches HIV101do not need to be a medical doctor to understand transmission of the diseaseWhat is HIV HHumanbecause this virus can only infect human beings IImmunodeficiencybecause the effect of the virus is to create a deficiency a failure to work properly within the bodys immune system VVirusbecause this organism is a virus it cannot reproduce by itselfIt reproduces by taking over the machinery of the human cell HIV affects the immune system thus when one gets a cold immune system not working well person will be affected even moreWHAT DOES HIV POSITIVE MEAN A person who is HIV positive HIV has had a blood test and found out that they have HIV in their bodyWHAT DOES HIV NEGATIVE MEAN A person who is HIV negative HIV has had a blood test that has not found HIV in their bloodWhat is AIDS AAcquiredbecause its a condition one must acquire or get infected with not something transmitted through the genes IImmunebecause it affects the bodys immune system the part of the body which usually works to fight off bacteria and viruses DDeficiencybecause it makes the immune system deficient SSyndrome because someone with AIDS may experience a wide range of different diseases and opportunistic infections HIV someone can stay healthy with this disease if taking medication take care of health but if their immune system is not working well they may get another bad infectionGive definition of AIDS in Canada say its different in US In Canada AIDS is diagnosed if a person has 1 Undergone testing for HIV and received a positive result and 2 Has one or more of the clinical illnesses or indicator diseases that characterize AIDS This is the current definition of AIDS 2002 and is uniform across all Canadian provinces and territories This definition also applies to 48 countries of the World Health Organization European Region Australia and New Zealand It is important to note that in the United States a person must also have a CD4 Tlymphocyte count less than 200 cells per cubic millimetre of blood200L in order to meet the definition of an AIDS case Thus difference between US definition and Canadian HIV weakens the immune systemWorks in the body by infecting certain white blood cells called many different things host cells T Cell T4 Helper Cell Cd4those immune cells HIV latches on to an affects marker of how well your immune system is workingInfected white blood cells host cells are called CD4 cellsCD4 cells normally help to protect us from diseasesinfectionsThere is no cure for HIVOnce a person acquires HIV the virus will always be in their systemIt may take a long time for the virus to affect a persons health We cannot tell if or how soon a person will become illPeople with HIV are now able to maintain their health for a longer period of timePeople in Toronto can live long lives die of natural causes opposed to from the disease this is vastly different than the 80sMagic JohnsonHaving other resources help healthMagic Johnson millions of dollars to provide all other resourcesSocial Determinants of Healthif no housing access to foodcan affect health especially when one has HIV
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