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SOC309Y1 LECTURE 4October 7 The Age of AidsFrontline Movie PBS 2006PART 1can access it online on Google Video250000 Americans infected before first cases Millions infected in South AfricaPolitical indifference stigma shame moral dilemmas drug costs perseverance of human spirit Human immunodeficiency virus is not a form of life it is a protein coded mass of genetic instructions 150 times smaller than white blood cells have penetrating it multiplies until cell bursts and diseases kills persons immune system rare and fatal infectionsAIDS Renata Simone ReporterJanuary 1981 31 homosexual man Michael Gottilieb MD first case of AIDSinitial cases were a mystery No Tcellsopen to infectionno reason why previously healthy guy should have immune deficiency Could not do much for early patientsconcentration camp survivors died in few monthslethal disease cause unknown Centers for disease Control AtlantaepidemiologyCDC best known for thatonly 1 case in US of pneumoniaMMWR first official publication of what is now AIDSSan FranciscoPaul Volderberging first patient was 22rare skin cancer opportunistic infection taking advantage of weak immune systemin advance form it attacks brain with horrible headaches Combined with stigma and isolation made it not just terrible death physically but in other ways too CDC received over 100 new cases of mysterious new diseasecases occurred in very large cities centres of gay lifestyleCause of new disease called GRID gay immune deficiency syndromeall active gay menmostly open in gay community for 10 years they had complicated social lifestyle involving many partners and drugsnot surprising for new infection to be focused in gay community University of Miami Florida Kaposis and Pneumocystis Morbidity and Mortality Report MMWRpatients men and women of Asian ancestrywhat does this Asian community connection meanSimilar symptoms in FranceAngola heterosexual encountersNow being discovered in the Bronx 1981 people heard of unexplained disease in gay menbut these men were drug users not gay
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