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Robb Travers

15 years in harm reduction programs Dealing with people with problems with drug and alcohol problems OutlineTwo stories reflecting accumulation of 12 years of stories Social responses to drug problemsRisk environments Harm reductionkey principlesHarm Reduction programs policies and evidence CassandraYoungest of two childrenBut her sister went to OttawaGrew up in a rural Ontario smallCassandraalone and scared in communityToronto Her father was a local OPP officerMetStar young woman panhandling Family violence was common in her home Both went to a shelter for youth Her mother drank a lot experiencedCassandras few possessions are bruisescuts stolenAt age 12 Cassandra smoked pot withSheStar panhandled smoked pot friendssome older some same agetogether in between people on the streetHer sister acted as her mother but her sister ran away when CassandraStar was arrested never returned was 14 years oldCassandra alone againTwo weeks later her mother was1 year later Cassandra started beaten and hospitalized smoking crack with her boyfriend age 15Cassandra ran away to join her sister at 12set on particular path Age 16she injected crack for the first time She headed for Toronto1 Age 20she tested positive for HIV form of homelessness Hepatitis C was couchsurfing housing insecure tooAndyConstruction worker for 10 years away from big cities hard to get into programs Single man with a mortgage on new houseAndywithdrawalmassive bone aches diarrhea pain some income viaInjuredarm crushed at workdisability but oxys cost a lot so cannot pay mortgage Goes on longterm disabilityAndy starts to buy oxys on the streetSeries of operations on his arm Andy loses his house Prescribed oxycontin for painan opiate for pain same class as heroinCouch surfs with friendslong release type of drug developed for cancer pain Pain continues no money for rehabOngoing pain issues doubles upAndy starts to injectbecause you get oxyscannot get rid of painmore bang for your buck popular with crowd because of big supply andDoctor 1 refuses to increase thus shares drugs for other benefitsprescription arrested for possession with a large stash as he has his own prescriptionSeeks another doctor 2 gets a and can purchase on the street plus prescription called doubledealingdoctoringthis is important Minidrug use survey15 or 21 ofDoctor 1 perceives misuse fires students had used another students Andy from family doctor practiceprescription medication Doctor 2 also perceives misuse andAge 1525 most experimentation with refers Andy to a methadone clinic drugstreatment for opiate addiction which started as pain relief but is now a fullMisusing prescriptions drugs close to blown addiction same numbers as pot use Methadone clinic is not taking new patientsfurther away from Toronto harder to get methadone moving2
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