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Robb Travers

SOC309Y1 Positive Voices – Leading Together February 10, 2012 Note on the assignment: Annotated bibliography- “this source was prevalent to our presentation in the following way….” HIV Treatment Network produced 2006 film – international AIDS conference held every 2 years, biggest held - 30,000 delegates, 5000 media – important event in history of HIV and history of this city as global contributor to AIDS pandemic. Documentary follows individuals through the conference and are watched, filmed and how they made sense of own life especially in reference to 1) social determinants to health 2) stigma 3) resiliency – reaction to HIV stigma- when people push back fight back or challenge stigmatized ideas – live lives in positive ways “Leading Together” There is an aboriginal man, gay teenager with immigrant family, woman from African nation who came to Canada as refugee, woman living with co-infection was drug user, long term survivor with HIV 25 years living with it now Brian Finch The Head of State for a Country opens the Conference- typically a Prime Minister, Harper had refused to open the conference – so the Governor General opened it – Brian organized demonstration at Rogers centre against the Prime Minister which is very interesting – pillow cases saying “Where are you Steve” 50,000 in Rogers centre opening night, Clinton was there, as well as Bill Gates and Melinda, royalty, many high ranked people, interesting event… Pay attention to – how you see various forms of HIV related stigma playing out in people’s lives From Zimbabwe stigma can be related to being a refugee, woman, black, African and HIV+ = there are multiple forms of stigma – coming together in intersectionality + instances of resiliency where they say “I don’t care I will live a rich and positive life” Film Every 2 years – International Aids Conference to discuss latest advances in HIV/AIDs research prevention public policy treatment and care – also a meeting place for people living with HIV August 13-18 brought world to Toronto – 5 HIV positive Ontario residents were followed- changes in way see self and commitment to working together – that matters - We need everyone, not division in war against HIV – not be ashamed, to protest to government to give us services we need to enrich lives and help with treatment outcomes - Colleen Price- each one has motivations- co-infected, drug user o Always has hope, gone through a lot o Used to call it “double trouble” – the 2 diseases, lack of media attention on co- infection- a high number are co-infected perhaps because most are marginalized, no united front of co-infected,, Colleen used to be addict, no hope, no health, no faith, did not care she says related to childhood and trauma o Colleen says we are the “Walking wounded” have to get past trauma from past o Colleen found it hard to tell girlfriend- she had Hep C and HIV o Scary to have partner with HIV – Colleen cleaned up act, wanted to live changed from destructive o Hep C treatment as opportunity to change her life o Dr. Curtis Cooper addresses Hep C co infection o 21 years ago Hep c with intravenous drug use o HIV from high risk sex = therefore Colleen co infected o Co infected die from HIV – few die from liver specific disease – but anti viral medicine came and HIV no longer reason for death o Dual infection- treated Hep c first- treated hep-c more, came back negative- put pause on hep c stops acceleration of the diseases- treatment changed her views, values, - hep c diagnosis did not scare her because it is a disease that can stay dormant and is treatable but HIV sent her over the edge – made her use more, more addictive practices o Chronic illnesses- moods fluctuate – little treatments o Programs for Hep c people?? – Colleen asked representative – integration work, fund Hep c and HIV programs together- reaching out to both populations – still segmented approaches- they know they have to integrate but they need to work on mechanisms to provide people with voice and programs o Many who experimented with IDU – have Hep C but do not even know o Can still have normal liver responses but can still have HIV – need to be tested! o Happy AIDS Committee of Canada let them start Choices – as it is an organization emphasizing “how we act and who we are” o Peer support group o Straight man single man terrified of gay – Mike Oliver – 14 years later he has a lot of gay friends, now he is part of straight group and trying to put word out that we are all together for the fight – not separate fight – group for anyone!  Where will daughter and ex partner continue to get help if Mike gets too sick o IT took Colleen a long time to trust self – she wants to help people make the right choices o Lucky to have lover support- life blood partner, best friend, helped her through treatment, provides her with a lot of mental stability o Colleen believes all can heal spiritually and mentally, to overcome, will and faith to make it through, emphasize moment, cannot control past, nor future so the time is to live in moment, make positive choices whether positive mentally or physically - Lisunga Chieza - Marco Gomes o Cultural part of “coming out” – relationship with other men in
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