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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309Y1 November 4 2011 Stigma and HIV Objectives To better understand stigmaTo explore the ways in which stigma is used to control people a social process or measure of social controlTo explore the debilitating impact of stigma on people living with HIV or those at risk Systematic review rigorously go through a lot of studies by searching out abstractspulling out 1200 abstracts from social sciences literature identify methodologiesa lot today comes from Systematic Review Stigma is more than a psychological process more than anything it is a sociological process used by other people to keep others in their place it is a function or tool of social control not merely a psychological attributeSome argue stigma is a social determinant of health as welltheir objective experience and subjective systems worsenthus very compelling area of knowledgethe diagnosis of being HIVpositive opens a new and difficult journey of restabilizing a life jarred from its foundations AdamSears 1996 p1 wrote a book called Experiencing HIV one of the first looking at Canadians HIV and their experiences with life so stigma figured very prominentlyWe go through life with an idea of who we are and what our life will look like Much shapes for us we are active agentsHIV derails the traindiagnosis of an illness like this is worse in the sense it is highly stigmatized leaving people scared confused and alarmed However life with HIV may start before you know 2 weeks waiting for test results onset of fearsBut life with HIV starts before being diagnosedIt starts with the experience of taking the HIV testWhat are some of the issues people struggle with during that periodWhat do they ask themselvesthe period between getting tested and getting the result can be particularly tryingit is also the time when people begin the process of reconstructing life with HIVWhat will I tell people 1 Whom shall I tellHow will they reactHow will their reactions impact meWhat will they say to othersWhat will I doWhat will my life be like Being toldtesting positive explodes many of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are where we are going and what other people think of us A search begins to assimilate the unwelcome news sort out its implications and reorder a life made fragile and uncertain As humans we are storytellers we make sense out of our life through these stories We tell our lives through narratives All history is retold Testing HIVpositive makes usrethink who we arebegin a process of rebuildingAdamSears p13 Being told that one is HIVpositivechallenges assumptions and expectations about how you thought life would unfold Bury 1982 calls this biographical disruption when we think about our lives narratives may differ becoming a doctorthe biography you set for yourself while disease upsets this biographybiographical disruptionBiographical disruption in action one upset in hospital why did this happen to someone like meSo stigmatized the way in which it differs this disease happens to other people not me2
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