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Robb Travers

SOC309Y1 February 3 2012Immigrants RefugeesNonStatus PHAs Complex ChallengesInnovative Strategies Maureen OwinoCommittee for Accessible AIDS Treatmentwork with new comer Canadians living with HIV Immigration and HIV has a lot of myth and stigma discrimination and mythology tooSpecial Thanks Michael Battista BarristerSolicitor Lecture Outline Current ImmigrationRefugee Policies and their impact on newcomer PHAsKey challenges affecting immigrants refugee and nonstatus PHAs in GTAStrategiesavailable servicesPHAsPeople living with HIVAIDS Committee for Accessible AIDS TreatmentFormed in 1999 to reduce barriers faced by people living with HIVAIDS PHAs who are immigrants refugees or without status in CanadaCoalition of over 40 health legal and social service organizations plus individual immigrantrefugee PHAsTo reduce service access barriers for PHAs CAAT Network PartnersMembers 333 Sherbourne Health Centretre Community Care Access centre Toronto 410 Sherbourne Health CentreDavenport Perth Community Health Centre Access Alliance Community Health Centre Ethnoracial Treatment Support Network Africans in Partnership Against AIDS FCJ Refugee Centre AIDS Action Now HIVAIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario AIDS Committee Toronto Latino Positivos Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention McMaster University Metro Toronto ChineseSoutheast Asian Legal Asian Community AIDS Services Clinic Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Casey House Hospice Ontario HIV Treatment Network Canadian HIV Legal Network Toronto People with AIDS Foundation Centre for Spanish Speaking PeoplesParkdale Community Health Centre Pride Uganda Voices for Positive Women Regent Park Community Health Centre Womens Health in Womens Hands Health Centre Ryerson University Womens College Hospital St Michaels Hospital University of Windsor Toronto Department of Public Health Pharmaceutical partners Toronto General Hospital HIV Clinic Government health and legal service providers Toronto Western Hospital Asian Mental Health Immigrants refugees and newcomer PHAInitiativeWarm upWhat do you know about HIV and Immigration o True or False o The majority of Torontos population is foreign bornTrue 49o The majority of Ontarios new immigrants settle in the GTA region TrueTrue or False o You are not allowed to enter Canada if you are HIVit dependso You are not allowed to immigrate to Canada if you are HIVTrue or False o Canada is one of the most generous countries in the world to help refugees and asylum seekersFalserather Sweden Norway contribute more to refugees and asylum seekers and even other developing countries like Kenya and parts of Ethiopiao Immigrants and refugees have equal rights and access to services while waiting for their applications to be processed in Canada False to Canadian born peopleDepending where you are in the immigration process determines what services you can and cannot accesso HIV testing is only required for new immigrantrefugee applicants from countries where HIV is endemicFalsesince 2002 all have to undergo medical testso Family Class immigrants contribute less to Canada than economic immigrantseconomic immigrants need to have approximately 1 million dollars come as investorsfamily class come supporting a family or sponsoringFALSEcontributing can be volunteering too True or False o If you come here on a visitor or student visa and test HIV positive you will be deported back to your country of origin immediatelynot reliant on Canadian health systemcan stay hereFALSE
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