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Lecture 2

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Brent Berry

Week 2 Chapter 1Population DefinedPopulation is a Collection of people at a particular time with a set orderIs it over a period of a year a five year periodThere could be seasonal variability homeless populationWhat are the boundaries municipal social psychology boundaries natural etcHuman population is a dynamic aggregateBoth aspects of stasis a snapshot only a moment in timeDemographic metabolism pg 4 process of population being continually renewed through processes of fertilitymortality in migration and out migration We need to look at the change over timeChanging through birthsdeaths immigrationemigrationo Because we may be changing the criteria on how we count populations o Methods of counting people might have changed o If immigration dept has more police influence justice influene how to deal with illegal immigrationChallenges of defining the boundaries of a populationVaries of time of week season etcExample the census Example Chinas one child policyHelp control birthsgrowth of population Idea of limitless growth we can grow ourselves out of our problems through technology and growth we can develop food housing deal with a larger world population Idea of scarcity less resourcesRectangularization of the age structureThe size of the younger people get smaller relative to the top what were dealing with in many societiesExample Urbanization we livein large cities which are growing 20million 30 million higher densities ie Toronto vertical city we have a lot of demand to build more high rises population more willing to live in high rises more expensive land prices Some new societies with young children or few children live more in suburbsfertility lower women getting an education delaying childbirthDemography branch of sociology that uses births and death rates and uses statistics to describe the population variables age sex marriage etc Patterns of change how things change over time Making predictions about the future due to understanding the past and of today Formal Demography and Population Studies Demography isWork focuses on three core areas pg 4 o Size and makeup of populations according to diverse criteria age sex marital status educational attainment spatial distributionPictures of a population at a fixed momentDifferent processes that bear directly on population composition fertility mortality nuptiality migration etc
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