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Brent Berry

Week 4: SOC312 Ch4. Age and Sex Structure 1/26/2013 9:52:00 PM -All demographic phenomena are directly/indirectly determined by age -All demographic phenomena is conditioned by sex  i.e. females enjoy lower death rates than males in most circumstances Principles of Age and Sex Composition: Population Age Distribution: -Interested in 3 segments get a sense of economic ‘dependency’ burden in a given society  Under 15  15-64  65+ Total Dependency ratio (TDR)= P(0-14)+ P(65+)/P(15-64) *100 * Dependency ratio >100 would indicate more dependents than workers in population (higher ratio= greater the dependency ‘burden’ on working population) Age Pyramids: -Age-sex percentages can be plotted to make an age pyramid -Age Pyramid: pictorial representation of the age and sex composition of the population -In Canada’s population age pyramid, interesting feature= baby boom generation (largest segment) Determinants of Age Composition -Shifts in age composition are produced mainly by changes in fertility and (to a lesser degree) mortality -Young population is produced by high fertility rates -Declining population has a growing proportion of people over 65, and a small proportion of children ** mortality plays a much less of a role in changing the age distribution of a population -age distribution of population and its rate of growth would be constant -Stable can be either increasing or decreasing in size  The shape of the age distribution is ‘stable’ -Stationary Populati
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