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Brent Berry

International Migration - Figure 9.3 shows the spread of human beings - Around 1 million years ago there was a large movement of Africans - South America was the last part of the world to be infiltrated by migration - Human beings are species on the move these trends are very interesting - Where moving for more basic reasons today - Guns, Germs, and Steel Book - Makes an argument about why we have such huge inequalities in the world - Main kind of migration during this period - 1500-1800 European Colonization of the new world - Farmers, Administrators and Artisans, people to fix shoes/blacksmiths, Black Creek Pioneer Village - Lastly small groups of entrepreneurs, creators of small businesses - Significant wave occurred in the industrial period - Huge thirst for receiving countries to have new migrants to work and populate the land - Giving away land to those who were willing to work the land - A lot of people left Northern and Southern Europe - Between 1800 and 1950 millions of Europeans left - Farming was less of way for people to make a living - New technologies took away for the need for people to work on the land - Powerful push factors - Huge opportunities for pull factors - After 1914, less migration - After WWII - Post- Industrial period - 1945- 1970 - What happened? Western nations were getting back on their feet after the war - Economies were devastated - Large move of people from Northern to Southern Europe - Modest to no educations, this includes skills - Cntd movement of people to Canada and US - After 1970’s, after the second phase of migration these countries had been rebuilt - There was an oil shortage - This sparked an economic recession - Instigated the structure of the world economy pg. 407 discusses some of the things that happened according to migration - Changes in global investment patterns, loosening of investment opportunities, movement of capital from wealthy nations to less wealthy nations - Global Migratory movements
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