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Brent Berry

SOC312 JANUARY 25 2012 PREVIOUS LECTURE CONTD The assignment in content section of webpage Chapter 2 End of chapter one theoretical models of demography micro and macro Idea of age period and cohort understand chartsThe facts of demographyData itself is not sufficient we want to have theories we want to have models and revise themdata is important and ultimiatley is to do more explanation and prediction number of demo theories or frameworks Micro and macro models both usefull and worthwhile need to know bothMicro deal with indi and household level most common and prevalent model is rational actor model or micro economic model see people as maximizing agents always doing calcs optimize gain not enough to understand all micro level of demo phenomenon minimize cost with action and gain most benefits birth pr marriage market applied this to many different phenomenons utility maximizations rational action different environments normative model combine with rational behvaiour is conditioned by pragmatic principals and normative conditions which are conditions in sig other would intend like wife coworker vary degrees of influence we feel pressured to do opposite then maximizing Debate ind actors are rational humans dont behave rationally to what extent people dont have good info info distorted all prevent rational actor model working wellHow we aware of cost and benfits debate on micro area things are up to chance variability Macro models of demo change most sig models are demographic transition theory basically states societies experience modernization go from high fertility and high mortality to both processes are low description of long term from intermediate were pop grows rapidly to where fert lowers to match mortalityThings ass with this changes in society including political to democratic modern science replacing folklores sci tech inderstandings changes in mind sets and institutional complexity compart edu into school and out of home industrialization from farm to industrial economy Demo trans important modernization theory important Indicators of modernization what extent countries fall in these dimension number of pop living in urban rather then urban areas and rising incomes reflected in gnpOther things beside strcutual changes but social psy whats in our minds changes in content in mind influenced by modernization Concept of mind greater personal freedom of expression openness to new experience and independence of authority figures efficacy of science to solve probkems rather than irrational beliefs
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