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Brent Berry

SOC312 FEBUEARY 8 2012 First test through nuptuality chapters 15CH3 LECTURE END OF CHAPTER 3 LECTUREPop estimate growth around the worldDifferent countries who have gone through itEnd is projections of pop policy maker projecting suspicious so much error changing one parameters can change estimates dramatically different assumptions over rate of growth too many unknowns for model Canadian population historyDemography in context of Canada relative contribution of natural increase vs immigrationNew france and other parts how quickly they grew Visual map by gepgraphic areaHighly populated region of Windsor and montreal power center pop and economic center of Canada southern ontario into quebec Alberta lots of growth around economic centers built around oil and gas and energy economy not diverse economy so more susceptible for boom and bustPp square kilometer much of Canada very sparsely popBiodiversityMost Canada live with few miles of the US border 10 to 20 miles or 30 kmContdVarious pushes and pulls why people live in certain areasProximity to economic centers of the usPower has shifted in us from east to west natural increase and migrationOver 30 million in 2001 census Natural increase and em vs im th Between 20 century and end of 70s and 80s natural increase greater then migrationPeaks in past a lot of migration during the great wars in Europe Leveling off since then Natural increase in quality has declined Most recent census Ontario smaller and smaller share of immigrants reflects relative opportunities
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