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Brent Berry

Soc312h1 February 15 2012 Chapter 4 continued Slide 18thTest postponed until March 7 Crude mortality rate and marriage rate the slight alterations the main explanations and trend Criticism of crude rate what do the other refinements address why it improves on the existing rateTest combination of short answer may write paragraph or comment on figure or chart or quantative thinking on relationships relation and trends over time Ended about pop momentum countries grow even if fertility shrink to below replacement Sex ratios numerical balance between males and females in the population and different environments demographic often incompleteSex ratios Sex ratio at conceptionSex ratio at birth and in early childhoodSex ratios in adult hood and old ageMore males then females when babies born more male fetuses not making it biology selective abortions not always clear about relative weightings of what is going onMales at any age have higher rates of mortality some may genetic or biological Overall in candian pop as in 2001 14 million males and 15 million females 96 males to females reflect higher rates of mortality for malesAt conception between 115 or 120 for any 100 females conceived at birth 105 for 100 femalesin later life ratio down further and further lots of variation internationally technology has had an effect know sex abort fetus based on sex preference can see imprint on age sex pyramid in history many societies evidence of sex selective infanticide of certain circumstances cost and benefits son preference some societies daughter preferecen bc more likely to take care of parents china example son preference created shortage of women millions of men migrate couldrin for revolution shortage of marriage partenersmissing women 5999 miilion profound of sexselection problem limited data in adulthood more important in aging society greater ages ratio goes down fewer 25 males for 100 females canda us and Italy advanced
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