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Brent Berry

SOC312 MARCH 7 2012CHAPTER 5 CONTDSix degrees of cohabCohab very common in indusrilized difference regimes Explanations of changeFlight from marriageCanadian pattern and trends20s onward marriage and divorce rates by province Different types of people have settled in Canada different languagesDivorce rate has increased substantially Table 55 in late 60s early 70s easily to get divorce and cultural and socially more permissiveLess stigma Overly marriage since 70s has declined small up in 80s but decline consistent Dominant trends flight from marriage Lots of things what happened in society women more educatedAspiration have changed since the 80s women more likely to have children and be mother aspire but other things now some ranked above thatChanges in culture Cohab as an altCrude marriage rates Would you live common lawBox page 166Results of analysis of general social surveyChanges in family in Canada6 different groups common law single mother and father and etc back 30 to 40 years CHAPTER 6 FERTILITYKey part in demography IntroductionResp for pop growth most the variable most resp for pop growthDetereming change in age composition of pops Fertility is a bio process but shaped by social and cultural how many and when we have children
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