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Brent Berry

SOC312 MARCH 21 2012 CHAPTER 8 CONTD MORTALITY CGHANGE THROUGHOUT HISORYEpid trans 3 periodsRecently human made and degenative deathsWhat are the death rates birth and geowth ratesStage 3 agingMortality change 2Extensions of the epid trans Hybristic change new stage chronic and cumaltival diseases Array of drug resistant bacteriaPathogens Aids epidemic Rockstars die young in life and how many people in entrertanin die youngLife style often differtn with certain occupation risk taking illegal d rugs Puzzling origins of aidsHypotheis where came from how came ans whereTainted polio vaccineHeart of darkness thesisCuthunter hypothesis Frontline had 4 hrs on aids epidemic pbs showAging dynamicsLifespanPeriod birth and deathAlso at cohort level average life expectancy at birthMaximum lifespan highest death of pop is maximum observed lifespand 122 120 is net max Curve more rectangular moving out to the right rectangulaition straight down high proation long time and then suddent deathcompression of mortality and mortlatyRect of survival seen more and more wealthier countries see everywhere to an extentCompression of morbitiy and mortality Compression penomDisabilities compressed to few ages near time of natural deathPast century each new gen heatlier preceeding one projections into future trying to argue how much average age death increase only approach max age of death about 85 and experience disease biological limits Postpone chronic disease Compressed to shorter period at end of lifespan closer to the right
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