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SOC312 MARCH 14 2012 FERTILITY CONTD Theories of fertility changeNumber of theories many disciplines involved in demograpgy anthro econ social psyhc and others why fertility changesBeckers theoryEasterlins cyclical theoryContdBeckersEcon and sociologists best kniwn as econ made contrib to socBasic idea to what contributed to decline in more indistrulized why few childrenEcon conceptsUtility cost and benefits indi calc of concous choiceParents not translate rising income to more income income increase use it to have more childrenMore investment in quality of children General desirfe most desireable item Budgetary constraints and time which is for children how much time to give to childerentOther rstrtaints leisure that compete for time time is very limited compared to financial budget to answer fertilitySchematic fiure 66Conceieved variables what leads to fertility declinesRising cost of chidleren to parents affordability for quality aspirationsChild centric society compulsory edu children more likely to survive Change calculation in how many children they wantRising parent quality aspirtations for their children increases cost dramatically best schools many children less resources per child Easterlin th Brings dif perspective explaining booms and bust in fertility in 20 centureLike becker econFocused fertility study on US and applied to industrial countriesWw2 birth rates rose unexplanatory followed by declineUS and Canada surge 2 decased 4660 and protacted baby bust fertility declines characterisitic of high income countries tody Peak birth rates occurred differtn times 1959 for candaFertility plumated Explain changes in dramatic changes in fertility rates
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