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Brent Berry

SOC312 MARCH 28 2012 Mortality plays a big role in population change and over the years mortality has change makor cause one is aids and is still ocruing in subsahran Africa Health programs need to look at broder spciet INTERNAL MIGRATION CONTD FINAL EXAM WILL BE 6 THROUGH 10 IS 30 MC AND 8 SHORT ANSWERS 90 PERCENT IS BASED ON CLASS 326 315Exaplantions of migrationRavenstiens is a little dated not reflect current migrationBox p345 does pay to migrate out migration in CanadaZelinskys mobility transition Figure 82 changing levels of mobility through time Idea of circulationany form of territorial movement of one night away from home but not permanent change in residenceand absorbing some of the demand for migration Typological models of migrationScientist create typology efforts to top of demoMigration to selection of factors deemed relevenat to study itProvides structure and organizationSets of factors into heroacrch into order they describePetersens typ forces that trigger migration and states of minds of potential migrants inovanting to improve ses and conservative to esacape source of bad to individual like warArrived at it by looking inn and conserving motive realted to 3 factors Table 85Columns general on left and middle consdervative and innovated on rightTop bottom Is type of interactionChallegnges in natural world like potatoe famine but by other factorsCould be ecological push Primitive etc Broke down into different components Primitive class such as wondering nomads early society greener pastors More advanced society broader range of explanations State has influence state policy whether contributuign to fleeing or siplacement Conservative motive s and innovating motivesMan and collective norm sMales but then females Contemparoy such as work visasBut he doesnt account for long or short distances
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