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SOC313 JANUARY 17 2012 Whats the difference between degree and magnitude same thingDefinition of social control by cohen in first chapter as prganized responses to crime deliuency and allied forms of deviant and or socially problematic behavior which is actually conceived as such as in reactive or proactive sense Reaction to things that are considered deviantNext class first part a survey a grad student a survey Today talk about the history of the concept of social control and the broad theories Coined by herbet spencer but not developed till 1901 by ross and used it in a earlier form a general refelction of ehat keeps society together a broad sense of social control like socialization and first time entered into academic thinking Been a concern thinking about social controlChicago first people to start working on itPragmatism is how people see the world look at behavior how people interpret a situation being practical how people make sense of a situation of that moment beauty Is the eye of the behavour how they see it not objective this shaped how Chicago approached sociology Chicago urbanization a lot happening cities havent seen before they moved away from a moralizing approach were sicientific or formalistic not this is good or bad a moral question but a sociological question of where it is coming fromnonjudgmental approach and pragm perspective take indi pperspective seriously study opium smoking and go to an opium denTwo concepts came out of Chicago school social disorg and self Social disorganization is a lack of a sense of community leads to crime they went to Chicago neighborhood all immigrant groups in neighborhoods and theorize problems emerged from immigrants another countries cast aways bc all people coming from different places no common ground no shared beliefs about devience the family breakdown of what used to hold them together institutions breaking down and losing social organization and code of streets may spring up however they say institutions are there just not resonating with community like church but not keep everything on lockdown more mobile hard to establish cohesivenessWhat do u mean by disorganized lack of institutions and no common ground
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