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Lecture 2

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Social Control Class 2 DEF of social control that Cohen give its in the first chapter organize response to crime delinquency go look at chapter 1 Social control as a reaction to those thing that is deviantPresent day standardsfocus on how people see the worldimportant place to start when thinking about action thinking about behaviourhow people interpret the situation Idea of how they make sense of situation in that momentnotion of beauty being in the eye of the beholderhow they processes it and operating how beauty impact peoples life we have to understand first how they make sense of itbecause no really a standard or norms Pragmatism influencepracticalshape how people in the Chicago school approach sociologyChicago lots people moving to the citylots of things happening in the city that never been seen beforeThat is when they start thinking about such thing as social control and deviance and socialization Thinking about the problems or issues that they see in the city in the sociological way Influenced by pragmatism approachthey move away from the moralizing approach of thinking about socio problems to more scientific and formalistic in their approach try making something that they can understandnot good or bad question try to understand from people perspective Sociological question of where this things coming fromMore nonjudgmental approach combine with this pragmatism influence to see things from peoples perspective to take individual perspective seriously What they fears is happen they came to the school ended up getting into deviant stuff or theyve come from deviant background have experience with itThere is two big conceptthat came out form the Chicago school having a lot to saylots of theory but focusing on what they say on social control 1 Social disorganization lack of sense of community that leads to disorganization that leads to crime One of their observation in the Chicago neighborhood realize that they have all this people from diff immigrant group in this one neighborhood disorder new social problems withinthis
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