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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Jan 24th 2012 SOC313H1 Tyler Frederick

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History of Social Control PracticesPractices like ideas change over timeThe history of control practices is not linear its messyLots of actors within any social control field linear change is difficult For any change there will be a counterforce because there are others with other interests Early history of penalwelfarism th Mid19 Century in EnglandEffort to control the disorderlysocial problems in the cities in Europe at the time possibly due to industrial revolution and city boom o Poor houses and policing as we know itprior to this no real group of authority they arent as organizedpolice comes out of this night watchman o Moralistic undertone of these programsgoal is to help the poorPenalwelfare nexuso The coming together of social control system and the welfare systemsoup kitchensVictorian Penality justice crime control punishmentclearly laid out hierarchy of rules letting the punishment fit the crime vs Modern Penality Addressing social problems welfarism correction and controlling through thatexample corrections Canada the punishment is designed to fix the problemPenalWelfarismRehabilitationhallmark of penal welfare id
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