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SOC313 JANUARY 24 2011 ASSIGNEMENT1 PICK A MEDIA STORY ABOUT SOCIAL CONTROL AND ANALYZE THE TOPIC IN LIGHT OF THE ACADEMIC RESEACHON SOCIAL CONTROL2 CHOOSE A FORM OF SOCIAL CONTROL DISCUSSED IN CLASS AND EXPAND ON IT USING ACADEMIC RESEARCH 3 DISCUSS A RECENT TREND IN SOCIAL CONTROL USING ACADEMIC RESEARCH TO DESCRIBE ITS MAIN FEATURES HOW IT REPRESENTS A CHANGEFROM THE PAST AND ITS MAIN IMPLICATIONS ALMOST NON TOPICS START YOU THINKING AND GOING ON PAST THE COURSE MATERIAL THIRD HISTORICAL DISCUSSION HOW A TYPE OF CONTROL HAS CHANGED OVER TIMEGO TO OFFICE HOURS AND PICK SOMETHING EASY NOT FOCUS ON SOMETHING TO SPECIFICINTEXT CITATIONSTELL THE ORGANIZTION OF THE PAPER DONT USE OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS USE MEASURED CLAIMS NOT AN ARGUMENT JUST REVIEW ITSIMPLE TITLE HEADINGS ARE GOOD THE CURRENT PAPER DISUSSES CRIME AND TWO MAIN STARGETITESQUICK SHORT INTRO HEADER WHAT IS WHITE COLLAR CRIMEDEFINITTION OF WHITE COLLAR CRIME HOW IT HAS CHANGED LISTS ARE GOOD SIMPLE SENTENCES NOT A LOT OF SEMICOLONS CLEAN AND SIMPLE TO MAKE POINT THIS IS TWO WAYS OF DEALING WITH WHITE COLLAR CRIME SWEET AND SIMPLE LECTURE 3 HISTORY OF SOCIAL CONTROL PRACTICES Previous lectures have been theoretical in nature now more specific with real life examplesPractives like iideas change over time the history of control is not linear the reason is bc there are a lot of different actors example topics in prisons lots of peope in vested interest in prisonsyou get hybrids from previous methods no other counter force in general trend things that contradict good example conservative bill in march moving in more punitive direction and current health policies inharm reduction going in different direction and at odds both trends coming from different places differtn actors behind themHarm reduction is public health not control it like drug use but to manage consequences like safe injection sitesearly historypenal welfarism which has been dominant 1890s to 1910 now trend moving away from itpenal wel and post penal
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