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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Jan 31st 2012 SOC313 Professor Frederick

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Information about midterm 30 multiple choice 67 short answer Not essay format not one word explain the threepick 2 of these things and describe them Youll also get a choiceEven on lectures and textbook lectures give you information to focus on thats in the textbook Focus on the take home message Moral PanicsStanley Cohenlinked to Howard Becker talks about the process of labeling people as deviant1964Mods vs RockersShows how deviance gets created how something becomes an issue these forces end up drawing a particular social control response Mobs were the beatles type dude snappy dressers the rockers were rock listeners Class divide rockers were more of a working class The brawl is not the thing to focus on its the reaction against the deviant kidso It has an interactionist feel to it its an interaction between the rule breakers and the rule makersDisproportionate ReactionThe response is over and beyond what is required based on the issue Main actors o The pressexaggerated o The publicneeds to be latent potential in the public for moral panics there needs to be roots in order for it the panic to begin Example of
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