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SOC313 JANUARY 31 2012 MUDTERM 30 MC AND BE 6 OR 7 SA NOTE ESSAY EXPLAIN 3 X OR TWO AND CHOICE OF 2 OF 5 PRETTY EVEN BETWEEN LECTURES AND READINGS WHAT IS THE TAKE HOME MESSAGE OF THE PARAGRAPH HERE AND FULL CLASS TIMEMORAL PANICSKNOW MAJOR OVERAL THEME AND ACTORSStanley cohen got the ball rolling contemporary overlaps with becker becker what is defined as deviance he points to mods and rockers practice and action how deviance gets created forces draw certain social control response has an integrationist feel rule breakers and rule makers interactionBasic idea mods beatle type dudes rockers rock listening a class divide working class and fight a brawl in claston and not brawl is sudden reaction to delinquents young kids discussion around kids these daysCohen main idea is reaction is a disproportionate one is over and beyond what is called for based on the facts is a strong reaction good Critique of a disproportionate one things look for in the moment example h1n1 was it right or dispropationate not everyone agrees withFactors that contribute to a reaction reaction of police driven by problem this was assumed except with this example other forces at play and not assessing it properlyWhat he sees as main actors the press public Presstoo much and exaggerated Publiclatent potential not roots if not some level of murmuring or insecuirity not have to be relatd to the problem but is pulled inMarxist camp looked at mugging in uk argue panic happened at time when downturn in economy this misdirected attention from ecomomy but already concerns about public safety weird stuff happens all the time but not always produce disproptoiante reaction media all the time we are used to itis a latent concernLaw ezealous and broad enforcement going to town Politiciansreactive and aligning themselves with angels against devils gage which way wind Is blowing bandwagon Action groupsmoral entrepreneurs people self motivated and trying to drum up concern drum up business idea of moral enterprise camplaihn for it a vested interest in it people may stand to make money from moral panic or fit in world view isnt this what I am always talking aboutCan legislators use panics to their goals such as concern around terrorism manipulated it the public sentiment exten gov reach to places unrelated to terrorismContd
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