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SOC313 FEBUARY 7 2012 POLICING AND TEST PREPARATIONSoul training concept by foccault fit in post structuralists or modern draw contrast old style of punishment which focuses on the body kill a king being strung up and courted past focused on the body idea make punishment a spectacle state do whatever to body contrast happening today disciplinary type of punishment notion of soul training not punish body in obvious spectacle but training the soul one example is the military fall in line overt eyes respect authority make bed etc training in right way of being and acting school similar and in prisons as well different way of thinking about punishment30 mc and 6 sa out of 9 identify or explain a concept but we have to be able to give concept or give examples identify and give an example specificmore specific lecture or broad in textPolice vs policingIdea police specific type of org but policing is an activity done by people other then police private police today security guard business of policing but not police fact changing is important police was sole now theres ministries and departments in various forms Quote what the police are Often think about cops and robbers csi police preventing or solving crimes catching bad guys reality police do a lot other things that arent crime relatedOne of their roles is crime management truth not super effective example largely reactive only called by public after crime has occurred image is not reality More involved in order management on a parade route to monitor Police more succesfull in order management then crime managementSome policing methods have impact on fear of crime being more effective in order management the world is orderly and safe Security management there to provide security nothing going wrong in event or scenario not actively manage crime police at construction site not stop crime so motorists dont speed or manage pedestrian making people safe Transition away from standard policingMoving away from standard modelKansas city preventive patrolStandard policing Generic strategies of crime reduction can be applied to throughout a jurisdiction regardless of level of crime nature of crime or other variations one approach Generic approaches are random patrols police getting in car and cruising around for troubleRapid response such as 911 not one community one general approach Generally applied follow up investigation Call police get there if not take report and standard motion of solving a crime very limited bike stolen not care general type of approach Non standard
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