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Lecture 5

lecture 5-policing

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thSocial controlpolicingfeb 7 Train soul30 multiple choice 5 or 6 short answer bit of choice couple paragraphs per answerGive example that identifies conept what concept is related to this questionspecific questions1 slide Policespecific type of organization or person policing is something that can be done by different types of people within societyMore and more minisitires groups departments now involved in task of policingCrime management order management security management Crime prevention is most often not the reality usually people call police after events have happened a type of managementEx police at construction type there to managing the traffic pedestrians not crime bu order managementsecutiry or safeness 2 slide transition away from standard policing which is based on assumption that generic strategies of crime reduction can be applied throughout a jurisdiction regardless of the nature of crime level of or other variations Generic strategies Random patrols cruising around for trouble idea of 911 follow up investigationsIsnt much conversation going on with other organizations not much focus on only on own unit or own organization The standard model was not gernerally productive famous examplekansas city preventive patrol experiments 5 beats per group each group had condition cruise around your area looking for trouble experiment meant to see if there are differences in each group or beat Then in one beat they would only go in if there was a callIn another beat the patrol was increased How usual is this cruise patrol idea Would citizens notice Generally no they did not Would it effect victimization surveys Would it effect crime rates or fear of crimeBasically did not have much effectwhy standard policing model seemingly doesnt work Slide 3Community policing
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