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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Soc313 policing

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University of Toronto St. George

PolicingLecture 5February 7 2012In the past punishment was focused on the body the state could do anything contrasted that approach with what he sees today more disciplinary punishment notion of soul training not punishing bodybut training the soul example the military and teaching people to fall in line Test30 multiple choice 5 or 6 short answer choose from 8 or 9 identify or explain concept questions are specific equal for lectures and readings policeone specific organization vs policing can be done by other people than police private policing can go anywhere and see a security guardmore and more groups and organizations involved in the task of policingactual role crime management police arent super effective largely reactive stopping crime usually only get called after crime happened not crime preventingorder management police on a parade route to monitor make people feel world is orderly security managementpolice are there to provide security make sure nothing is going wrong not actively managing crime maintaining security ex construction site Transition away from standard policing Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment 1972 and had 15 police beat divided them into 3 groups and each group had a condition routine preventative patrol look for troublethe control groupin another one of groups preventative patrol was eliminated only go into neighbourhood if there was a call if 5 proactive beats patrol was intensified would citizens notice Generally nowould it affect victimization surveys no very little effect on burglary robbery etc would it affect crime rates No would police satisfaction change Not much either standard policing is based on the assumption that generic strategies for crime reduction can be applied throughout a jurisdiction regardless of level of crime nature of crime or other variationpolice getting in cars cruising around looking for trouble rapid response generic strategy calling 911 follow up investigationsnot much contact with other agenciesoverwhelmingly focused on crime management standard modelrecently 70s move away from standard model not in one directionstandard model was not particularly effective Community Policingreturn to older style
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