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January 24History of Social Control Practices Practices like ideas change over time The history of control pratices is not linear its messywhy Because there are many different actors at play within any social control field that could be pushing in different directionseg punitive vs harm reduction approaches to drug useEarly history of penalwelfarism th Mid 19 century in Englanddue to industrialization cities the question arosewhat to do about social problems Effort to control the disorderlypoor houses and policing as we know ittill then policing wasnt an organization ensuring order the way it is nowIt was more ad hocCrime control wasnt in the hands of a separate institutionso idea came about to organize a group of people as night watchmen etcat the same time the more well to do thought they should do something to help the less fortunate who cant help themselvesSoup kitchens etc Penalwelfare nexusthe control and welfare system began to intertwineThe state began to get involvedsociety started thinking about social problems and about their roots Victorian penalty vs modern penaltyVictorian penaltya clearly defined set of punishments for each crimemodern penaltyyou start thinking about the problem in light of social control and the desireto helpfix peopleSo the punishmentpenalty becomes about correction for example the prison system is called the corrections systemthere is now also more of an emphasis on victim impactthe trend to overmedicalization of offenders began with penalwelfarismwe also started thinking about peoples backgroundsgood or bad home etcPenalWelfarismRehabilitationidea of making offenders betterputting programs In place to reintegrate them back into
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