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SOC313Lec 3 2142012EssayAssignmentCiting is intext citationSentence in introduction saying im going to focus on these three things is key outlines whole essaySample of A paperheadings are good simple short intro tells reader main section of paper Introduction not overly dramatic and has no rhetorical questions or sweeping statements Notice no argument but a clear directionWhat is white collar crimeSutherland used the term white collar to refer mainly to business managers and execs His concept of white collar crime was a response to Chicago schools explainetc after generally defining it breaks it down into occupational crime and corporate crimenot too many semi colons or howeverUse paragraph to divide up discussionPunishmentacknowledges debate soclogical pnts on matter of punishment to control crime there is consensus in the field of crams punishment for white collar crimes not most effective for controlling itConclusionvery shortconcluding thoughts based on what was reviewed in the paperWeb of knowledge and Wilson databases good places to look for articlesHistory of Social Control Practices Slide 1Control practices changeImportant to remb do not change in linear way part of reason lot of diff actors within any given social control fieldIf thinking of topic in prisons lot of ppl w vested interest in prisons get hybrids of diff trendsWhen talk about trends does not mean it is linear or absolute there are prob practicesideasetc that contradict it Good example this interesting time have conservative Omni bus bill that is moving in more punitive direction but at same time havae policies around harm reduction that is moving in diff direction which is contradictory but they are both trends with diff actors behind it comes from two diff ppl
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