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SOC313Lec 4 2142012For exam focus on paragraph not on references in paragraphMoral Panics has interactionist feel to it about interaction between rule breakers and rule makers Stanley Cohenfirst person to get ball rolling on moral panics work overlaps with becker focuses on what is defined as deviancepoints to example of mods and rockers and see how deviance is created because triggers social control response1964Mods vs rockersmods beatle type dudes rockers were just how they sound class divide as well get fights beginning and then sudden reaction around delinquentsand gets discussion around kids these daysDisproportionate Reactioncohen talking about how response is disproportionate to what should be called for in realityMain actorsthe presscohen sees them as too much and exaggeratedthe publichas to have a certain level of insecurity and murmuring already does not necessarily have to do with problem but gets pulled into it ex from Marxist camp that looked at mugging in UK and moral panic around it argue put forth that panic about mugging happened at time when there was a downturn in economy and this new focus on mugging to redirect them but already had concerns about personal safety and with some high profile events put the wheels of moral panic in motion law enforcementzealous or broad enforcement seem to be going to townpoliticianslegislatorsbeing really reactive and aligning themselves with the angels against theDevilsbandwagon effectaction groupsbecker calls these ppl moral entrepreneursselfmotivated and trying to drumup concern vested interestmay make money off of it or it may fit into their world view likethis is what ive been talking aboutthis demonstrates a lac
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