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PUNISHMENTPunishmentSocial control not being uniform Old trends mix with new trend hybrid systemHistory of punishment in Canada lines up pretty well in terms of how society control change over timePreconfederation Canada still does physical punishment punishment to match the crime 1800s Shift starting to happen beginnings of rehabilitative ideal Houses of correction coming up As soon we thinking about correction rehabilitation 1935post war timepoliticalfinancial economy scenario there is money to be spend on penal welfarism There is an increase of welfare net 1930 depression how insecure they are about it they want some source of securitya public will Concern on well being of offenderrehabilitation We need to treat them instead of torturing them The need to fix make them better people 1938 first commission of conditions in prison We see a shift and punishment is taken more seriously Increase of prisoners population after WWII and more money to spendpost war boom of penal welfarism1959 we get the parole board creation of new offices that monitor offender 1975 penal welfarism heading towards its peak Prisoners having more right and abolishment of death penaltymore and more commission and research being done Increasing of halfway house community ressources building for exiting prisoners more and more people helping rehabilitation of offenders 1980 increasing more towards management Concerns around HIV hepatitis and focus on individual offender category Specific population to target for management Managing risk and feature about population 1990 interest in the victim Increasing of victim rights Offenders victims mediationmeet and talk
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