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March 13 2012 LectureSurveillance relates to day to day lives not always so obviouskey to the modern nation statethink about surveillance broadlyie workers bureaucrats etcall these processes in place to monitor people and their behavior surveillance has always been happening but with new technology there is a new kind of surveillance happeningmixing of the old and the new surveillance is one of those things that applies to everybody expansion has happened for complex reasons not just the poor or deviantssurveillance is something we encounter every single daydefinition of surveillance on slide in text book Doesnt require face to face observationcould be like a company browsing your Facebook pageexamples cameras now on subways or CCTVtwo types of surveillance1 disciplinary surveillance theoryFoucaultcritical and dystopic imagerywhat does the increasing amount of control have to say for identity or privacy or peoples ability to govern themselvescontrol is not coercivesurveillance works through selfregulationie Panopticism 2 liberal surveillance theoryless negative viewsees it as a response to changes in social and institutional ordernot as critical and sees positive aspects to itsees surveillance as being a necessary response to the challenges of the late modern ageidea is that we now live in these cities and places where we dont know our neighbors anymorenot like the old daystherefore because we dont know anyone anymore we need surveillance because it establishes trustglobalization and bureaucratizationsurveillance challenges globalizationneed to establish trustestablish policies etcwe need surveillance on one hand but we need to balance thatthere are concerns around privacy control over our person etc Metaphors of SurveillanceBig Brotherfrom the book 1984idea that there is a Big Brother out there monitoring you all the timethe show took the name of thisa view ideas out of thisin the book at the heart of it is a totalitarian state regimeyou are implicating the role of the state in surveillance when you talk about big brotherthe technology that is implied in big brother is
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