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University of Toronto St. George
Tyler Frederick

SOC313H1 1 March 6 2012Mass incarceration Over the last 20 years theres been a moderate decrease in crime In the UK it was a pretty steady dropQuite slow at first then UK exceeds US crime rate and picked up within the last 2 decadesNet increase in incarceration19812001 it rose by 3 times 300 increase o In the UK it rose by 15 times o In Canada it rose by 111 modest increaseIn the US you can see it as a decoupling of the incarcerationIn the UK the two are more synchronized increase in crime rate and increase in incarcerationIn Canada there are a little decoupling Less crime and little incarceration Not mass like in the USSimons talks about the huge jump in the US Some of it we see with the documentation of threestrikes He suggests 3 things you should think about 1 Shift in public sentimentcapitalizing on high profile cases 2 War on drugs1970s close to 2 million drug arrests in 20093 Push towards mutual growth strong internal pressure to get larger a ie the involvement of the prison guards in California Community basedsanctions some kind of community program transcarceration ArchitectureNot just about architecture specifically however about the control of spaceSituation Crime Prevention A bit of reaction to other ways of thinking about crimePrevention focused o Focus on the situationPractice focused o TheoreticalDissatisfied with project to change motivesRational choice o Offenders are more or less just anyone We go into situations and we make calculations
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