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Tyler Frederick

Lecture #1: Introduction January 10, 2012 What is Social Control? - ways of controlling people’s behaviour in society - contested concept - changing definitions - definition: organized responses to crime, delinquency and allied forms of deviant and/or socially problematic behaviour which are actually conceived as such whether in the reactive sense or in the proactive sense - Cohen’s definition  earlier definitions of social control emphasize all the things that give society structure, and socialization of people  Cohen focuses on control as responding to acts of deviance (e.g. punishment) - informal vs. formal  informal: through interactions and socialization  formal: laws, rules, policies  it’s not always clear the distinction between the two (e.g. is school informal or formal, even law enforcement can straddle the two) - proactive vs. reactive  proactive: pre-emptive (e.g. campaigns for seatbelts)  reactive: as a response to a deviant act  however most walk the line between either, such as regulations which are put in place as reactions, but are pre-emptive strikes to prevent future incidents - hard-edge vs. soft-edge  hard-edge: prison, fines  soft-edge: therapy Changing Social Control - social control shifts over time - post-modern/late modern  modern -> colon
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