SOC314 March 27th Readings

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12 Apr 2012

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SOC314 March 27th Readings
Family Violence: A 21st Century Issue: Ann Duffy and Julianne Momirov
- Family violence- understood as the hurt or suffering inflicted by family members on other family
- Institutional level, ambiguous definitions over hurt and violence
- Single parents were more likely to be the head of the families in which child maltreatment was
- Child abuse is more likely to be recognized in low income households because these families
receive more scrutiny due to receiving welfare
- Given deep historical roots, it is not surprising to find ample evidence of the “normalization” of
violence and abuse in the history of Canadian families
- Globalization of the economy, advances in information technology, and global migration mean
that family violence flows effortlessly across boarders
- If these societies embrace strong patriarchal traditions- traditions that hold men’s rights as pre-
eminent- it is likely that violence against women and girls in the family is common
- Focusing on individual causes of violence does not address systematic patterns of social
- Social interaction vantage point- midway between individual and societal levels of explanation-
abuse is located not simply within the abuser and his or her personal characteristics , but within
the nature of the relationship between the abuser and the abused
- Structural conditions- patterns of social inequality, state’s corporatist rather than human
agenda; the perpetuation of systemic patriarchy, racism, classism, ageism and so on in Canada
and globally provide a rich environment for intimate violence
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