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Lecture 7

SOC336H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Shiv Chopra, Too Shy, Visible Minority

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Jeffrey Reitz

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Defining racial discrimination in employment:
Act which negatively affect employment situation of a specific racial
group because of membership in that group, and not because of
qualification or capacity to contribute to productivity
o Various Forms: Direct, indirect, and systemic discrimination
Direct discrimination: refers to the actual decision of the employer to
give someone a job or not
Indirect: the minority group does get the job because the rule is
discriminatory (Canadian experience is and example of this)
Systemic: a discriminatory culture or organization. It is assumed to be
the normal everyday course of things. (very difficult to determine if it
is happening)
Identifying individuals instances of racial discrimination:
Most instances are overt
Human rights cases less successful than for gender discrimination
Evidence of institutional and systemic discrimination often
Identifying Discrimination: what if…?
Customers wont like
Doesnt know qualification
Accent is too heavy, hard to understand
Doesnt have local references have no way of knowing what those
references mean…how do you determine if the qualifications are
really equivalent.
Test scores too low
Too shy or quiet
Flashy Clothes
Perceptions of discrimination
Europeans level out at about 10% feeling discrimination
Visible minorities are at % to begin with…but the numbers go up
the longer that they have been there
o They gain a frame of reference of how the should be
treated…as time processes they realize that they deserve equal
breaks…compare themselves to others
o Unlike their immigrant parents, the second generation cant
just go home because Canada is home
Ethnic Diversity Survey Findings
Perceptions of discrimination
Human Rights Investigations of Complaints: Health Canada
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