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Lecture 10

SOC336H1 Lecture 10: SOC336 Lecture 10

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Jeffrey Reitz

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22: Asking about their household income
o Standard of living is determined by household income
o Amount of money a person has access to
o Adjusted for urban area
o Relative standard of living
o Second generation does well in educational terms
Concept of segmented assimilation
o We have to look at the cultural and social dimension of the second
generation as well as the educational
o Main stream black population that the society has defined
o American cities are still polarized by mainstream racial issues
o The mainstream population in any society is quite diverse
o The process of assimilation is segmented depending on the minority
group. This has implications for social mobility and identity
o What is the mainstream? In a multiethnic society?
US Context
Relationship between indian blacks and US society
o Competition?
o Collaboration?
o Mary Waters, et al.
Canadian applicability?
Implications of difference in racial composition of
native born population
Monica Boyd: education attainment of 2nd generation
International Comparisions
Data sources need source with information on
birthplace of parents
o Census of Canada, 2011, Public Use Micro-data
o US Bureau of the Census. Current Population
Survey, 1995-2007
o Census of Australia 2001, household sample,
basic and expanded CURF
29: educational attainment of the various second generation
across the three countries the tendency for Chinese and south
Asian immigrants to do well is high in all countries
The high education is common to all three countries in the
main groups…not just in Canada
The impact of multiculturalism is actually quite small
Family members of these highly educated members are
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