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SOC336 Lecture 2 Theorizing Defining Race and Ethnicity Racial and Ethnic Group basic definitions Racial Group group that is set apart from others because of visible physical characteristics Henslin and Nelson 1996Racial categories are very ambiguousEthnic Group group that is set apart from others because of national origin or distinct cultural patternsHold value to cultural practices Eg French canadiansSchaefer and Smith 2004Deconstructing race helps us to understand history and understand that Canada arose from colonial empire that had social and racial exclusion Understanding ethnic belongings and transnational identity Minorities in the New World Wagely Charles and Marvin Harris 1958 Members of minority group experience unequal treatmentEg Have difficulty buying an aptOvert segregation can lead to extermination Minority group is a subordinate groupTend to have less choices available to them and their children in compared to the dominant groupThey are singled out and are objected to discrimination Members of a minority group share physical or cultural characteristicsTends to be a strong sense of social cohesionVoluntary people are born into itTend to marry within the groupTends to be a gendered dimension eg Males married out more than females in a particular study Understanding race according to Montagu Once more I shall as irritating as the sound of a clanging door heard in the distance in a wind that will not be shut out raise the question as to whether with reference to man sic it would not better if the term race were altogether completely abandoned Montagu 2006 10Should have abandoned the term race because it is problematic and based upon assumptions Race is involved in understanding that it is a social construct Understand how it changes through history and the social forces that structure and change it Race increasing seemed as a biological human being and then this lead to hierarchal class structure according to the racial group biological characteristics Linked physical characteristics to psychological capabilities
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