SOC336H1 Lecture : Introduction

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16 Feb 2011

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The context of canadian immigration: globalization, migration (in the global, racism. Migration: movement of a populous in/out of a country. Globalization relating to or happening throughout the whole world . Flows or movements around the world: flows of trade, investment, culture, ideas, people. Time necessary for an interaction is compressed: the frame of interaction has changed significantly, easy to have involvement in your life from different parts of the world. In the country of origin: remittances (i. e. money) In the country of destination: assist with settlement/entering community. Migration systems theory: must examine (both) ends of the flow and then understand all linkages between different places (whether those links are state-to-state, cultural connections or social networks including family ties) Why do people migrate: work, new home, safe place to live, temporary vs. permanent, not an arbitrary decision. History of migration: nomadic peoples moving out of africa about 100,000 bc, conquest armies mobilized to build empires in 9000 years bc.