SOC336H1 Lecture : Canadian History and Policy

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16 Feb 2011

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September 21 canadian immigration history & policy. Nation-building project: expand population, boost the economy, develop society. Push: hard conditions at home: economic, political, personal. International migration is selective (not everyone can come) Social barriers: economic barriers (lower class have difficulties [upper class are doing well where they are so they feel no need to move], legal barriers www. notesolution. com. French and english were the first to arrive. Four phases of immigration (li, 2003: 1867-1895: a laissez-faire philosophy. only group levied a head tax; family reunification prevented. despite many discriminatory challenges, many of them remained in canada: 1896-1914 (ww1), highest level of immigration in history. Improved agricultural production in prairies, higher crop prices, declining transportation rates, and higher european demand for canadian goods: to meet demand, encouraged eastern and southern european immigrants, over 3 million immigrants arrived. Immigrants were needed because the jobs could not all be filled by the existing population, even with more women entering the workforce www. notesolution. com.