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Globalization & Transnationalism

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University of Toronto St. George

Nov 16 Globalization and Transnational Communities Globalization See Slides******* the intensification of world-wide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa Giddens, 1990 Space vs. Place - Deterritorialization = removal of a territorial basis (space) for peopleorganizationsbusinesses - Supraterritoriality = a new non-spatialnon-physical place is being created - Space = geographic entity - Place = socially constructed (i.e. kitchen) How do we study the fragmented aspects of the world today? - One way is to look at where the fragmentation occurs o i.e. Borders - Power Transnationalism - anchored in and transcend one or more nation-states --- - Nation = territorial, social and cultural aspects - Immigrants cross borders; not necessarily physical borders (i.e. cultural, linguistic) - the trans of transmigrant should not assume the crossing of nation-state borders as the defining criterion. Crossing sociocultural boundaries within or across nation-states is a more useful definition that would include a diversity of transmigrant experiences - Studies now encourage consideration of ongoing affiliations that inform migrant experiences outside the nation-state Transnational communities - [membership is] based on common identity with co-ethnics in the ancestral homeland and with other migration destinations Challenges - A) a loss of social cohesion in country of residence - B) a new form of immigrant adaptation
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