Segmented Assimilation

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16 Feb 2011
Nov 23 – Second Generations & Segmented Assimilation
Generations of immigrantness
-First generation: those born outside Canada, including those who immigrated at age 15 or later
-1.5 generation: those born outside Canada but who immigrated before age 15
-Second generation: those born in Canada and who have one or more patent born outside Canada
-Third-plus generation: those born in Canada and who have Canadian-born parents
Integration/ Assimilation models (US)
1. Linear assimilation model: suggest that after two or three generations in the host society, the
descendants of immigrants are usually indistinguishable from the rest of society (i.e. common
behaviours, socioeconomic status)
2. Segmented assimilation model: implies intergenerational socioeconomic improvement for some
groups accompanied by the preservations of ethnicity
3. underclass (segmented) assimilation or marginalization model: implies socioeconomic
disadvantages, especially for racial minority groups in which parental and community-based
resources are few
-This model finds that immigrant children who are racialized on the basis of their origin See
Boyd (2003) educational attainments of immigrant offspring: success or segmented assimilation?
-Boyd points out that these models look at groups in the US and by second generation they look
at teenagers and young adults, not adulating living on their own
- Instead she examines the educational attainments of 2nd generation See Slide**
Predictions regarding education & immigrant generations
-Linear assimilation model (pre-1960s) See Slides**
Findings: immigrants/descendents more successful than average (white) Canadians
-Boyd & Grieco (1998): the educational and socioeconomic attainments of the 2nd generation are
equal to or greater than those of the first and third-plus generations
-Boyd (2003): adult 2nd generation visible minorities exceed the educational attainments of White
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