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Race and Crime

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Nov 30 – Race and Crime/Criminalization/Undocumented Migration
-Black people are highly over-represented in certain offence categories
-Four different explanatory frameworks to try to understand this racial breakdown of arrests
-More police surveillance = more likely to be caught than others who engage in same forms of
criminal activity
-Police more likely to use force against minorities
-Racial bias in granting bail and conditions of release
-Racial bias may also exist in prison
oMinority inmates over-represented among prisoners charged with misconduct
Importation Model
- Intersection of race and immigration status
-Assumes that some migrants arrive with the explicit objective to participate in criminal activity
Policy initiatives:
-Screening of potential immigrants and refugees
-Tracking of international criminals
-Restricting immigration from “crime-prone” countries
-Deporting immigrants convicted of crimes
-Absolves Canadian society of any responsibility since
Cultural-Conflict Model
- Intersection between race and culture variables
-Maintaining certain practices can conflict with Canadian law
-May be seen as criminal in Canada
Policy initiatives:
-Legal education
oAbout Canadian law before arrival
oAbout potential conflicts with the law
Strain Model
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