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Alexandra Marin

- whole networks are the networks in particular group, population. it is a bird eye view of the network. - includes all nodes and those who have not relations (isolates) - one mode networks (mode - defined as type of node) - only have one kind of node. e.g. one kind of person. - 2 modes networks - nodes can’t connect to the same kind of nodes. - affiliation / event-based networks. - can generate from 2 mode networks into 2 one mode network - directed networks - ties goes from one node to another, but not necessarily back - e.g. advice-giving, authority. - ties that go both directions are reciprocal ties. - binary - ties are either there or they are not - kinship, co-memberships, employment - valued - ties can be stronger or weaker, with various definitions of strength - closeness - amount of information exchange - frequency of contact - total value of goods trader - binary is more common because data analysis techniques are better developed and data itself is easier to collect. ← - REMEMBER, NETWORKS ARE UNITS/NODES AND THE RELATIONS BE- TWEEN ← - collecting network data requires: - identifying the nodes 3 ways of identifying nodes - positional - event-based - re
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